I’m Inside, Ring the Bell!
A collaborative interpretation of Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party, this exhibition focussed on the history of women. As one of the 39 artists, I was invited to make a place setting for a woman who has “influenced and shaped my creative practice”. In choosing Barbara Hepworth I wanted to explore her relationship with the natural world alongside her personal experience of being a mother. The design of the altar cloth is developed from forms found in her work that relate to the womb and perhaps also to the Cornish coastline. The stones for the place setting refer to our past but also point to the future.


Sculptures were made from handmade paper using plant material, foraged from ancient coppiced beech and hazel rows. They were made in response to a fragment of ancient farmland where human intervention dates back to the Bronze Age. The work was part of an exhibition that evoked fragments of different histories.